Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Dream Eaters present Terra Nine vs Sirius Music

An evening of music and light featuring live acts, dj's and vj's. Covering an eclectic range spanning dub reggae, global grooves, house, techno, trance and joining the dots in between.

Terra Nine vs Sirius Music featuring VJ Intelliki
(Altar Records - Voted label of the year 2015 on

Terra Nine is the electronic brainchild of Michael Westcot - Hardly your typical digital artist. A classically trained violinist, he produces a truly unique synergy of lush organic strings, mind bending psychedelic sounds and a fat bottom end full of twisted beats and dubbed out basslines... Running the gamut of trance, dub and psychedelic breaks... To experience is to understand... Terra Nine moves the heart and soul as well as the feet. 

Sirius Music is a new progressive trance project from Michael Westcot aka Terra Nine, marking a new musical odyssey into powerful yet simple grace and rhythm.. Powerful beats to move the heart as well as the body - incorporating real instrumentation combined with hypnotic digital soundscapes and moving imagery to excite and inspire. Sirius Music features Michael Westcot - on viola, keyboards, computer and other audio devices and Intelliki - providing extraordinary visuals.

INTELLIKI is a New Zealand based veejay, utilising inspiring images to accompany the music of the psychedelic chill / alternative act, TERRA NINE and the progressive trance act, SIRIUS MUSIC. She has been experimenting with visual design for the past decade. Her inspiration comes from earth, nature, futuristic landscapes and psychedelia.

INTELLIKI incorporates 3D animation with natural photographic
elements, time-lapse photography and occasional live video feeds, along with a massive selection of FX generators and video loops. She uses Modul8, Photoshop and a number of movie programmes to create her visionary art.

INTELLIKI has accompanied Terra Nine and Sirius Music on his numerous world tours over the past five years, performing live at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent (AUS), Subsonic (AUS), Waveform (UK), Glade Festival (UK), Sunrise (UK), Bakony Festival (HU), Misterika Festival (Ukraine), Trance Adventures (Slovenia), Samsara (Hungary), Ambiosonic (France) and Dimension NYE (NZ).

VJ Intelliki at Dimension NYE Event 2015 from VJ Intelliki on Vimeo.

Beyond Within (Sun Dept. Records)

Beyond Within is prim
e time butt shaking bass lines, crisp driving drums and big grinning head spinning psychedelic textures & grooves blasting out of Milton Keynes. Recently setting the dancefloor alight with shows at Sunrise (Leeds) and Sun Dept (Hamburg) 

Mosienko Project (Earth City Recordz)

Northampton based Mosienko Project showcases the multi-ethnic influences and genre-fusing of two dynamic and diverse producers: Gary Johnson-White and Barry Burford. Musicians, DJ's, Remixers and Producers; Mosienko Project embraces sounds from around the world, collaborating with many top vocalists and musicians: fusing influences from Roots, Eastern, Breakbeat, Chillout, Chillstep and Downtempo.

With DJ support from

Paul Neaves
Matthew Foord

Lighting by Optikal Intrusion

£6 entry advanced tickets go on sale May the 1st
£6 before 10pm on the door £8 after

  • Friday the 24 June at 20:00–3:00 Phoenix Bar, 94 Lower Bridge Street, Northampton. NN1 1PD

Monday, 11 April 2016

Alpha Wave Movement 'Kinetic' Review


Alpha Wave Movement




Harmonious Resonance Recordings


April 10th

The album begins with the title track and if I didn't know better I'd easily be fooled into believing that it's a Tangerine Dream track from the 80's. Gregory has perfected the sound to a tee from the lush synths and sequences and not forgetting the all-important guitar. Moving on 'Dark Meridan' combines choral voices and a stabbing bass-line with harmonious keys creating a dream like atmosphere that also seems to nod back to yesteryear reminding me somewhat of the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Whilst 'Machine Mambo' combines atmospheric synths and digital rhythms with a slight eastern tinge.

The vintage vibe continues with 'D.E.I. (Direct Emotional Interface) once again reminiscent of TD or Klaus Schulze both in the elongated beat-less intro and when the slow paced electronic beat kicks in. I'm finding elements of Kraftwerk and YMO with a sprinkling of Ozric's in 'Anoraxis' whereas 'Synergistic Highway' begins in a more foreboding manner the light soon shines through in a similar fashion.

Atmospheric thunder leads us into a more dubby affair with a slightly Parisian like feel on 'Ecotez' and finally to close the proceedings 'Metronomy' runs looping sequences with deep synths settling somewhere between Ozrics and Pink Floyd.

Overall this is a really solid album from Alpha Wave Movement that truly reflects the synthesized music of yesteryear in a glorious fashion. A fashion that pays homage and doesn't fail in the quality of the tracks in the slightest.

Reviewed by Woodzee


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dr. Trippy 'Indubian E.P.' Review

Artist: Dr. Trippy

Title: Indubian

Label: Disco Gecko

Released: 29th April

Another E.P. of his self-titled Punjabi Swamp Music comes in conjunction with two live shows at the end of this month: The King Arthur in Glastonbury on Saturday April 30th and a free show a The Plough Inn in Easton, Bristol on Sunday May 1st.

The good Doctor begins with 'Amber and the Snakecharmer' where a synth intro leads into distorted flutes and an Indian vocal before the reggae M.C. takes over with accompaniment by the snake charmer which is later joined by some female vocals and overall provides a nice introduction to the release. This is followed by 'Raj Against The Machine' which kicks off with some tablas before a melting pot of electronic fusion packed full of Jamacian and Indian vibes with some vocal snippets that we've come to expect of the Dr. Trippy sound.

The next track '1215' takes a somewhat slow n heavy approach where dubbed out male vocals clash with the female before an Indian male choral takes over. This leads us to 'Who Know's' which begins far more melodic than the previous tracks. That is until the scratching kicks in and the piece jumps to life with lots of sequenced loops and a grating glitchy undertone. The E.P. comes to a close with 'Holey Moley' a slow paced number again injected with Indian and Jamaican vocals and a soothing sax .. just what the doctor ordered.

For me this release didn't have quite the same impact as his last one 'Punjabi Swamp Music' that said it's not a bad little selection of tracks to add to the collection.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


* Available through Bandcamp now and the regular outlets on the aforementioned date.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Animat 'Slip Into Gold' Review

Artist: Animat

Title: Slip Into Gold

Label: Disco Gecko

Released: 29th April

This new single from Sheffields ambient audio/visual outfit Animat comprises contrasting warm sounds (that you expect from the title) against dubbed out funk with a slight live band feel and eerie voices that seem more fitting to a haunted bleak industrial wasteland. Yet somehow, it all seems to gel together perfectly.

This is followed by 'While You Were Away' a lovely sun soaked piece with a chilled Balearic feel that could quite easily have been the title track. There's a touch of an orchestral mood to it and they flirt with dub in places and some nice guitar licks for good measure.

On re-mix duties is San Francisco's D.F. Tram whose cut and paste style mixes of bargain bucket finds, cartoon snippets and psychedelic monologue from TV and film are becoming a regular source of entertainment for myself. Here he takes 'Slip Into Gold' and adds some George W. Bush samples adds a little more kick to the bass and elongates the warmth of the original and peppers it with a little harmonica. My advice kick back and soak up the sound.

Review by Woodzee


Thursday, 31 March 2016

C-Jay 'Backslider Parts 1-6' Review




Backslider Parts 1-6




4th of April

This mini-LP is a one hour musical experience split into six distinctive parts which creates a journey of atmospheric ambient electronica as opposed to six re-mixes of the same theme. Bedrock fans may well recall 'Backslider Part 1' which featured on last summers excellent 'Underground Sound of Ibiza Series 2' compilation as well as 'Backslider Part 3' on the recent 'Live In Montreal' release.

Part 1 starts dark and moody somewhat akin to a storm before various little loops begin to circulate and sparse but strong vintage analogue chords are released. It takes a little while for the track to gain any sort of momentum with such a variety of little loops circulating and dropping off. While Part 2 takes more of a continual loop with a retro feel toying with the theme in places and dropping atmospheric rushes here and there and to be honest I couldn't really decide if I liked it or not.

Part 3 gets deep and dubby before the overlaying bleepy tones and heavenly synths take dominance. A self awareness monologue is introduced (which is nothing new in this field). However, it balances well with the piece rather than sounding intrusive and at this point I'm beginning to warm to the release. There's a little more bounce to the sequenced loops of Part 4, although essentially it's still a deep and atmospheric piece with some lovely synths injected, I'd go as far to say it's a would make a really good starting track for a progressive set.

The slow plodding beat is more predominant in Part 5 wrapped in atmospheric synths while the female soliloquy is reminiscent of the Orbs 'Little Fluffy Clouds' which cohesively makes for a lovely laid back number. The album ends with a somewhat organic feel stretched across a more industrious background, almost like someone playing lush heavenly synths with a touch of pitch bend over the Sabres of Paradises 'Clock Factory'.

Although initially it felt to me that there's so was so many intricate themes that there was no cohesive pattern to follow as such, by the end of the album I'd really brought into it. Overall, it's a journey of deep and atmospheric ambience with various themes, lush synths and some good old fashioned Moog sounds that fits in nicely with the more down-tempo side of the Bedrock catalogue.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Various Artists 'Diversity In The Isles' Review




Diversity In 

The Isles




25th of March

Compiled (not sure Curated is the correct terminology) by my counterpart on the Chill Out Sessions Liquid Lounge this is the first in a series of releases, with the sole aim of featuring down-tempo artists (both established and new) from the United Kingdom who are currently active on the festival circuit. As the title suggests the intent is to cover a vast array of sub-genres ranging from psy-dub to glitch, trip-hop and jazztronica, new age to psy-chill and all points in between.

The gamble with a diverse compilation is will it be to everyone's taste and to be honest not everything featured on this album is to mine. However, that said there's plenty that is and it features a fair few artists familiar to me, which I mostly listen to already and some new ones that also appeal. OOOD for example are well known on the festival circuit and on occasion produce something a little more chilled than their staple psy-trance in this case a pleasant enough piece of well produced electronica. Pete Ardon (Orchid-Star) also features along with Helen Francis delivering a mellow piece of tropical ambience accompanied by plenty of birdsong and flutes. Whilst the ever-popular Bristol based psy-dub producer Globular delivers his usual antics to good effect and Manchester's Perpetual Loop leans more to his Digital Duvet moniker with some laid back Ibiza style chill out. 

Those few aside I'm also well aware of Northampton's Mosienko Project (also part of Trans-Irie Nation and Celt Islam's band) who fuses the pungi, oud and darbuka's of Arabia with electronica. As well as Welsh dub-punk Rev Dread who draws on the traditional roots and dub-reggae adding a modern twist. Narcose I'm less familiar with but did bag his 'They always come at night' an excellent track from the compilation 'Ethnomystica Vol 2' the piece featured here is an eerie slice of psy-chill with a lovely piano melody but doesn't quite reach the same heights.

Of the artists I'm unfamiliar with the ones that really stood out for me is Geoglyph whose contribution is a summery slice of harmonica fused ethnic dub. Whilst False Identity provides a lovely laid back guitar piece that would slot comfortably into a Balearic set. As would Ultramorphic's blend of Vangelis like synths, Pink Floyd'esque guitars, counter-balanced with horn and sax laden reggae.

Reviewed by Woodzee


Available for pre-order as of now with immediate down-load of Pete Ardron's track.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Misled Convoy 'Translations' Review

Artist: Misled Convoy

Title: Translations

Label: Dubmission Records

Released: 1st April

This release is a selection of re-mixes from Pitch Black's Mike Hodgson under his Misled Convoy moniker, which covers a broad pallet of styles from long established and up-and-coming artists across the globe.

The album commences with the scanner mix of 'Nuerotrash' from London disco-punks Feral Five which is a dubbed out electro-rock that seems to retain all the original punk vocal elements to good effect.. While the earth will have two suns re-mix of Holotronica's (Stuart Warren Hill of Hexstatic) 'Super Nova' takes you on a journey into space tinkering with scientific dialogue and bubbly electro-dub. This is followed by the borrowed time mix of 'Do You Know Where Your Going?' by Japan's Supercozi (Zen Lemonade) a chilled out dub which utilises a lyrical reggae vocal that works better when dubbed out for me.

Moving across to Mike's homeland with the next track re-working 'Please Wake Up' by the Adults a Kiwi rock supergroup formed by Shihad frontman Jon Toogood of which I am blissfully unaware. I'd never have had this down as a rock original to me it comes across something akin to the afx re-mixes of Seefeel in the early 90's which is no bad thing. Some of the previous styles meet somewhere in the middle with a dubbed out re-mix of 'Sufi' by the U.K.'s Flies + Flies which seems to stitch together elements of gothic, arabic, ambient, shoegaze and industrial dub fairly seamlessly.

The re-mix of 'Lost in the Valley of Scintalla Strings' by Sheffield's ambient audio-visual duo Animat, is a deep and atmospheric piece which combines dub techno with a cinematic and classical feel. In contrast the pastscape re-mix of Banco De Gaia's 'Wimble Toot' takes you on an elongated intro of ambient voices and sound, before the bass line is employed and the horns take the piece into the realms of dub reggae.  Then moving back across to the other side of the globe Mike then gives one of his own Misled Convoy tracks 'Leap Beneath' a re-rub in the far more expected reggae style to close.

To summarise I'm really impressed with this collection it's a real mixed bag of genres and styles at times ambient and atmospheric others industrial and rock-edged. However, the common link thread is as ever the dub.

Review by Woodzee